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Tracking Risk Compensation Over Time in a National Male Circumcision Roll-Out in Zimbabwe

Male circumcision (MC) is currently one of the most effective biomedical HIV-prevention strategies for high HIV prevalence countries, but its impact on the HIV/AIDS epidemic may be offset by risk compensation (RC), where men who are circumcised may compensate for the protection MC offers by increasing their risk behaviors. The goals of this study are to determine: a) whether RC occurs among men circumcised through the Zimbabwe National MC program, b) the prevalence and change in prevalence in RC over time, and c) the determinants of RC. A secondary objective is to assess the protective effect of MC provided in a national program. To achieve these goals, we accrued a cohort of 1200 men who chose to get circumcised and a non-equivalent comparison group of 1200 men who chose not to get circumcised through the MC Program, and conduct surveys of these men at baseline and at 6-, 12-, and 24-months follow-up. Analysis is ongoing.

Active Dates 
09/01/2011 to 06/30/2017