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Delivering PrEP in Maternal Child Health (MCH) and Family Planning (FP) Systems

We will implement and compare models of PrEP delivery in public health systems (MCH/FP) well-attended by young women at risk for HIV. Two PrEP models will be assessed; Model 1: women self-select to initiate PrEP after counseling; Model 2: PrEP offered on a risk-based basis that includes HIV self-testing for partners. PrEP users will receive 2-way SMS to optimize adherence. Cost-effectiveness, PrEP uptake, adherence and feasibility in FP and MCH clinics will be determined and compared. Innovations include PrEP in MCH/FP, partner self-testing, adherence support, drug monitoring and cost modeling. Impact will be a national strategy that incorporates women's preferences and maximizes use of existing infrastructure and HIV infections averted.

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